Anti-Corrosive Epoxy

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High performance of toughness and self recovery epoxy coating. Applicable to coast, wharf facilities of steel and concrete which are long-term exposure to seawater or under the sea.
Applicable to the coast, wharf facilities of steel and concrete which are long-term exposure to seawater or under sea water area.

1. Underwater-workable, easy coating, and strong adhesion.
2. Low contraction after curing, the surface is flat without bubbles after construction.

3. Excellent wear resistance, impact resistance.

4. Excellent performance of anti-seawater, alkali and solvent resistance.

5. Salt spray resistance record at least up to 1440 hours.

Where to Use
How to Use

1. Clean the equipment before use

2. To blend the hardener into main agent according to the provisions of the ratio, and using a mixer to mix evenly. In the meantime, using a scraper or other tools to remove the unmixed base or hardener carefully.

3. In the middle of mixing, DO NOT mix with any other water.

4. After mixing, soak the hands, apply a small amount of epoxy coating material to coat on the surface, and evenly smear the coating (Wetting manual method).

5. Whether steel, aluminum, stainless steel and concrete, must have the appropriate surface roughness.

6. All substrates should be clean and free from dirt and dirt that may adversely affect adhesion.

7. The construction tools should be washed immediately after using.

Test Report
// FX-EC502 Anti-Corrosive Epoxy
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(新產品)防腐蝕_anti-corrosion_EC502_A&B_工作區域 1




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