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Industry Use

Anti Corrosive Epoxy

High performance of toughness and self recovery epoxy coating. Applicable to coast, wharf facilities of steel and concrete which are long-term exposure to seawater or under the sea.

(新產品)防腐蝕_anti-corrosion_EC502_A&B_工作區域 1.jpg

Epoxy Wearing Compound

Bead Wearing Compound combines the abrasion resistant properties of both large and small ceramic beads and silicon carbide in a trowelable epoxy that protects against the damage of hard sliding abrasion under typical dry service temperatures of pump liners and impellers, chute linings and hoppers, cyclone and separator bodies, fan blades and housing, scrubbers, dust collectors and exhausters, large pump suction area.

(新產品)陶瓷珠_ceramic bead_CE_A_B.jpg

Steel-Filled Epoxy Putty 

Steel-filled epoxy putty cures at room temperature and is designed for filling, rebuilding and bonding metal surfaces.

steel-filled epoxy putty_1.jpg

Steel repair epoxy liquid

Steel repair epoxy liquid cures at room temperature and stands as a robust solution for maintenance, repair, and tooling purposes. It possesses the capability to be poured onto models, ensuring precise detail replication. Once fully cured, this compound can undergo drilling, tapping, machining, and painting procedures.

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