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Underwater Repair Epoxy Putty


Underwater repair epoxy putty cures at room temperature and is designed for filling, rebuilding and bonding metal, concrete, wood surfaces in wet and dry environments.
And also can be used for effective repairs to equipment which must be returned to service.

  • Underwater weld repairs.

  • Repair areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible.

  • Repair of very weak metals.

  • Iron repair and molding.

  • Rebuilding pump and valve bodies.

Where to Use


  • Easily applies to upright surfaces.

  • Fix to aluminum, steel and many other metals, wood, as well as concrete.

  • Machine casting to metallic finish.

  • 100% solids.

  • Non-rusting repairs.

  • Resistant to chemicals and most acids, bases, solvents and alkalis.

  • Bonds to wet surfaces, patches, and seals metals.

How to Use


FX-UWP101 Wet surface (underwater) repair epoxy putty only be applied to clean and well roughened surfaces.
(1) Remove all loose material and surface contamination and clean with a suitable solvent which leaves no residue on the
surface after evaporation such as acetone, MEK, isopropyl alcohol, etc.

(2) If necessary, apply moderate heat to remove ingrained oil and clean again with solvent.

(3) Roughen surface by abrasive blasting, grinding, rotary file or other appropriate means.


Using an appropriate tool, apply the mixed epoxy putty to the prepared surface, pressing firmly to insure intimate contact and eliminate any air pockets at the bond line or within the material.
Some applications such as holed pipes or tanks and cracked casings may require the use of reinforcement tape to bridge the damaged area(s) followed by the application of additional material to completely cover the reinforcement tape.


Wipe excess material from tools immediately. Use acetone, MEK, isopropyl alcohol or similar solvent as needed.

Technical Data
SGS Test Report(EN)_Underwater repair epoxy putty_FX-UWP101_230116.jpg
Product Series
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