Steel-filled epoxy putty

Steel-filled epoxy putty cures at room temperature and is designed for filling, rebuilding and bonding metal surfaces.
  • Repair areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible.

  • Repair of very weak metals.

  • Iron repair and molding

  • Rebuilding pump and valve bodies.

Where to Use
  • Easily applies to upright surfaces.

  • Fix to aluminum, steel and many other metals, as well as concrete.

  • Machine casting to metallic finish.

  • Non-rusting repairs.

  • Resistant to chemicals and most acids, bases, solvents and alkalis.

How to Use

    Properly clean the surface for preparation. Surfaces should be clean, dry, free from  oils and rough.


    Ideal application temperature is 13°C - 32°C. Under cold conditions, prepare the repair area, 38°C - 43°C is recommended to dry off any moisture, contamination, or solvents, as well as to assist epoxy in achieving maximum adhesion properties.


   Spread mixed material over the repair area and work firmly into the substrate to    ensure maximum surface contact. Steel-filled epoxy putty FX-ST501H full cure is 16 hours, can be machined, drilled, or painted.

Technical Data
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