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Fast Cured Epoxy Anchor

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It is solvent-free and epoxy acrylate based 2-part fast cured anchoring adhesive. It is used for fixing of non-expanding anchors.


As a fast curing anchoring adhesive for all grades of: 

  • Rebars / reinforcing steel 

  • Threaded rods    

  • Bolts and special fastening systems 

  • Concrete     

  • Hollow and solid masonry 

  • Steel   


Prior to any application, the suitability of the FastFix-it Adhesive for the substrate in terms of the desired bond strength, and for the prevention of surface staining or discoloration, must be confirmed by testing in a sample area. This is due to the wide variation of possible substrates, particularly in terms of strength, composition and porosity:                       

  • Hard natural stone                     

  • Solid rock           

Where to Use
How to Use

Drill hole to the diameter and depth required. The diameter must be in accordance with anchor size.
The drill hole must be cleaned with air blower, starting from the bottom of the hole.
The drill hole must be thoroughly cleaned with steel brush. After brush, to use air blower to clean the drill hole again.
Inject the adhesive into the hole, starting from the bottom, while slowly drawing back the static mixer. In any case avoid entrapping air. For deep holes extension tubing can be used.
Insert the anchor with a rotary motion into the filled drill hole. Some adhesive must come out of the hole.
During the resin hardening time the anchor must not be moved or loaded.

Technical Data
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Product Series
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