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Customize the color for your putty sticks

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Epoxy putty stick is also often used for woodwork, in our regular item there is only beige color which is similar to the wood.

However, according to our customer's requirement, since there are many different colors for the different types of wood, and they need the putty in different colors for woodwork.

So FASTFIX make 12 different pigments to following the color of wood for woodwork.

Color list (from the left side to the right): 1. White

2. Gray

3. Natural Maple

4. Oak/Light Walnut

5. Black

6. Raw Umber

7. Beige

8. Cherry

9. Mahogany

10. Natural Cherry

11. Walnut

12. Rose dawn

If you would like to customize the special color for the product to be different from others, please don't hesitate to contact us, FASTFIX may create more colors for you!

( By the way, the difference of the all the epoxy putty sticks in the picture is color only, the property is same. And they are not only for wood, it can also be used for sealing holes, bonds metal, fixing leaking pipes, duct work and voids in metal...etc )

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