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Why we choose No VOC / VOC-Free Epoxy Resin?

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In today's world, where protecting the environment and our well-being takes center stage, the importance of No VOC / VOC-Free epoxy resin is gaining attention.

VOCs, although sounding harmless, can harm our planet and health. These compounds easily evaporate into the air and are found in many products we use daily. But why is it crucial to avoid them? Let's dive into that.

What are VOCs?

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that can easily turn into vapor at room temperature. They're sneaky chemicals hiding in everyday items, posing a hidden danger.

Probably you may think why some companies still use epoxy resin contains VOCs, one of possible reasons is that due to the generally lower cost of epoxy resin containing VOCs, it can be a cost-effective choice in certain situations.

However, it's important to note that while epoxy resin containing VOCs might have certain benefits, their use can also lead to environmental pollution and health risks. When considering the use of epoxy resin containing VOCs, it's essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons to ensure the best possible choice.

Then what are possible risks of VOCs exposure to our health and environment?

The Risks of VOCs Exposure

Environmental Pollution:

VOCs released from epoxy resin into the air contribute to air quality deterioration and global warming.

They might participate in the formation of ozone and contribute to suspended particulates and air pollution, which can disrupt ecological balance.

Decreased Air Quality:

The volatilization of VOCs can lead to both indoor and outdoor air quality reduction, posing threats to health and overall well-being. This can cause respiratory issues, headaches, dizziness, and more.

Health Risks:

Exposure to epoxy resin containing VOCs may result in health problems.

The emitted VOCs can cause respiratory irritation such as sore throats, coughs, and throat discomfort.

Additionally, some VOCs could harm organs and systems within the body and even carry carcinogenic risks.

Indoor Contamination:

The use of epoxy resin with VOCs in indoor decoration and construction can release harmful gases, leading to indoor air pollution and negatively impacting human health.

Long-term Effects:

Prolonged exposure to epoxy resin containing VOCs can lead to long-term health issues, especially for individuals who are consistently in contact with these chemicals.

This could potentially harm the respiratory system, central nervous system, and internal organs.

The Emergence of No VOC / VOC-free Epoxy Resin

Due to above ricks and growing awareness of VOCs is pushing us toward VOC-free epoxy resin.

Growing awareness of VOCs is pushing us toward VOC-free epoxy resin, a new environmental trend. It's like adopting a greener way of life in a new dimension. With VOCs being health hazards and environmental foes, turning to products like No VOC epoxy resin makes a lot of sense.

Advantages of No VOC / VOC-free Epoxy Resin

Environmentally Friendly:

VOC-Free epoxy resin does not release harmful volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, reducing air and environmental pollution. This contributes to preserving ecological balance and improving air quality.

Health and Safety:

VOC-Free epoxy resin does not produce harmful volatile compounds, thus reducing risks to human health.

Its use can lower the likelihood of respiratory issues, headaches, dizziness, and other health concerns.

Indoor Air Quality:

VOC-Free epoxy resin can enhance indoor air quality, minimizing indoor pollution and creating a healthier indoor living environment.


Opting for VOC-Free epoxy resin is a positive contribution to sustainability.

This eco-friendly choice helps lessen the burden on the planet and promotes greener production and manufacturing methods.

Superior Performance of No VOC / VOC-free epoxy resin:

VOC-Free epoxy resin can offer excellent performance, including durability, adhesion, and resistance to chemical agents. The major advantage is that cured VOC-Free epoxy resin shrinks less than traditional cured epoxy resin, as normally traditional epoxy resins contain solvents or VOCs, which evaporate during the curing process, leading to shrinkage.

This shrinkage can translate into defects and vulnerabilities in the final product, diminishing its overall quality and lifespan.

FASTFIX-IT provides No VOC / VOC-free Epoxy adhesive

Based on the mentioned risks and the growing awareness of VOCs, we strongly recommend opting for VOC-Free epoxy resin.

FASTFIX-IT offers VOC-Free epoxy adhesive, ensuring that customers do not have to worry about the concerns associated with using epoxy resin containing VOCs.

This choice not only contributes to have a healthier life but also reflects our commitment to sustainability by providing customers with greener, safer, and higher-performance products.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or thoughts!

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