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What is pot life, working life, dry time and curing time of epoxies?  

When you decide to purchase epoxy adhesive, there is a need to fully understand the product.

It is important to check technical data sheets for relevant information to assist you in the role, strength, ratio, pot life, and working time and curing time of the product you have chosen.

At this moment you may be confused that what is pot life, working life, dry time and curing time of epoxies?  

Pot life:

Pot life is defined as the amount of time it takes for an initial mixed viscosity to double, or quadruple for lower viscosity products (<1000 cps ).  It is the length of time in which multiple part coatings or paints can be applied to a surface. For Example: if a mixed resin system has an initial viscosity of 10,000 cps and the viscosity increases to 20,000 cps after 25 minutes, then the pot life is 25 minutes. 

Working life:

Working life or working time is defined by the resin supplier to advise the customer how much time and temperature they have to work with the material before it reaches such a high state of viscosity that it cannot be properly worked with to produce an acceptable part.

Dry time:

Dry time is the recommended length of time between coats of product, often called re-coat time.

Cure time:

Curing time is the length of time recommended before subjecting your finished project to daily use.



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