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The new released epoxy products for helping your rotted wood treatment!

Fastfix-it already developed a series of epoxy crack repairs products which are mainly used to repair concrete, stone crack, pavement cracks..etc.

At the same time, we also received some feedback from customers, and found wood restoration projects (ex: repair rotted wood, wooden wares..etc) are also common in some countries or area.

Developed in response are new series of epoxy wood repair product.

FX-W2100 Epoxy Wood Sealer and FX-W1100 Epoxy Wood Filler are designed for wood restoration projects.

Product Characteristic:

Moisture environment workable.

FX-W2100 Epoxy Wood Sealer and FX-W1100 Epoxy Wood Filler are workable in damp environments, you could do dry rot repairs whole year, and even non-sag FX-W1100 Epoxy Wood Filler can be used underwater.

The lasting regain in strength and durability

A chemical bond will extend the shelf life of restored wood. It can form ten times the strength of the mechanical bond, which is created by many other wood restoration products. With a mechanical bond, the applied epoxy can only stick to the surface of the wood. In contrast, chemical bond generates shared electrons that unite the epoxy and the wood’s substrate (the surface and layers beneath it).The wood would be much more resistant to rot and become stronger upon treated by chemical bonding.

Adhesion-Promoting Primer

FX-W2100 Epoxy Wood Sealer is an admirable primer for water-based paints and epoxy compatible topcoats, on both repaired and new wood.

Faster repair process

These two products cure quickly, reducing the time to finish the projects. Both products create a thermolytic chemical reaction that speed up the curing process by causing heat.

Normally, the material of FX-W2100 Epoxy Wood Sealer becomes tacky in about one hour at room temperature.

When it is tacky, FX-W1100 Epoxy Wood Filler is applied over it and wait for cure together.

Usually only need 3 hours, filled surfaces can be sanded as soon as the applied epoxy material is not sticky or obstruct the sandpaper.

To know more details of product, you may visit the page of Epoxy Wood Repair or please feel free to contact us!


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