Stone Adhesive

Two part epoxy adhesive for dimension stone, concrete, mortar, renderings. It can also fix sheet metal, latch and screw under dry conditions. No volatile element during hardening, and low contraction ratio.

Bonding for dimension stone.
Adhesive leveling compound for concrete, mortar, renderings, steel.
Bonding and fixing sheet metal, latch and screw under dry conditions.
Firmly bonding ceramic tiles.
Bonding gypsum board with dimension stone.
Bonding cement walls with dimension stone.

Where to Use
High bonding strength and steady.
Waterproof, and available in damp environment.
No volatile element during hardening.
Low contraction ratio.
Perfect for vertical, horizontal, overhead and screen applications.
How to Use

1. To mix resin & hardener into uniform color.
2. To put the mixing material onto the center and four corners.
3. To paste the marble on the wall.

Technical Data
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