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Epoxy Crystal Glue


Epoxy crystal glue for all of the casting and coating applications.

Cures crystal clear and hard as a rock. Can be used as either a coating for tables, bars, wood, canvas paintings, etc. or cast in a suitable mold.

  • Odor free, Voc free, BPA free.

  • UV Resistant.

Where to Use
How to Use
  1. Setup: Find a well-ventilated, dust free area to set up your resin pour. The temperature should also be mild (in the 70s or 80s) for best results. Lay down a plastic drop cloth to protect your table and/or floor. You should also have rubber gloves, protective eyewear, paper towels, mixing sticks (wood and plastic work well), plastic cups for mixing, measuring cups (optional), and your prepared mold (optional), a foam brush (for table coatings only) and lacquer thinner (for cleanup).

  2. Keep in mind: it’s always better to have a little extra resin left over than it is to have to mix up another batch of it mid project.

  3. From here you should quickly pour your resin into your mold, onto your canvas or table, etc. Cover your work with a drop cloth, plastic bin, cardboard box etc. to keep dust off of it. Come back in 5 minutes to check for air bubbles and if necessary, use a torch or heat gun on low in a sweeping motion about 8 inches from the resin to pop the bubbles. For smaller castings, bubbles can be popped with a toothpick.

  4. Your finished casting can be removed from the mold after 24 hours.

Technical Data
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Product Series



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The sample(s) was/were tested with reference to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the REACH.
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