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Metal-filled epoxy solutions for metal and industrial repairs.

At FastFix-It, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of high-performance epoxy products designed to tackle the industrial repair challenges and offer solutions for metal and industrial repairs.

From filling, rebuilding and bonding metals, our formulations deliver unmatched strength, durability, and versatility for a wide range of applications:

Solutions for metal and industrial repairs

Metal-filled epoxy product series

Metal-Filled Epoxy Putty:

When it comes to repairing and rebuilding metal surfaces, look no further than our Metal-Filled Epoxy Putty for various application of metal repairs, it is machinable, sandable or moldable.

Engineered with metal-filled formulas (steel, aluminum, stainless), the series of products provide exceptional strength and bonding power, making it ideal for automotive parts, machinery appliances, especially the repair areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible.

Say goodbye to costly replacements and hello to long-lasting repairs with our Metal-Filled Epoxy Putty.

Using metal-filled epoxy putty repairs the surface of metal products

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Metal-Filled Epoxy Liquid:

Our Metal-Filled Epoxy Liquid is your go-to solution for efficient metal repairs.

Formulated with metal particles, this epoxy liquid offers superior bonding and adhesion to various metal surfaces.

It possesses the capability to be poured onto models, ensuring precise detail replication and its waterproof properties make it perfect for repairing machinery and sealing leaks in pipes.

Keep your operations running smoothly with our Metal-Filled Epoxy Liquid.

Pouring Metal-filled epoxy liquid to the mold

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Wear-Resistant Epoxy Putty:

Protect surfaces subjected to heavy wear and tear with our Wear-Resistant Epoxy Putty.

Engineered with special additives, this epoxy putty offers exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemicals. Whether it's industrial maintenance, equipment repair, or construction projects, our Wear-Resistant Epoxy Putty ensures maximum durability and performance in demanding environments.

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Underwater Repair Epoxy Putty:

Don't let water slow you down – trust our Underwater Repair Epoxy Putty for efficient underwater fixes. Specially formulated for submerged repairs, this epoxy putty offers exceptional bonding strength and waterproof properties. Whether it's swimming pools, underwater pipelines, or marine equipment, our Underwater Repair Epoxy Putty gets the job done, even beneath the surface.

 Using underwater repair epoxy putty to adhere a tile to a glass wall underwater.

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Experience the power of FastFix-It epoxy products and revolutionize your industrial repair processes today.

We're here to help you overcome repair challenges with our custom formulas and efficiency.

Choose FastFix-It for your industrial epoxy repair needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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